Project Description

Perched on the edge of the 500m high Lubombo Mountains, overlooking the valley and the three Reserves (Mbuluzi, Mlawula & Hlane), the seven natural thatch and stone huts with their traditional Swazi rondavel architectural style lies in silent witness to time past and times present.

tour 1

Bheki Mavimbela shows us around the perimeter of Shewula Mountain Camp

It is here, in rural Swaziland, that the total emersion into African culture, on our Authentic Eco-Cultural Tour, takes place.

This is not a staged production as could easily happen with these experiences. On this Authentic Eco-Cultural Tour visitors transform from being observers to becoming participants in the daily lives of the community they have been welcomed into.

Your time with the villagers will have you joining in their daily chores, experience unrecognized agricultural practices like cow dipping, taste the local beer named “umcombotsi”, visit a traditional healer, and see crafters at work producing products that contribute to the income of the community.

tour 2

Local crafters produce these products in the village using materials found around Shewula

To honour the Swazi way of life as well as presenting an informative interaction for visitors takes a carefully balanced approach that makes this Authentic Eco-Cultural Tour one of a kind.

At the close of day as the sun drifts away behind the horizon, the Sibhaca dance, performed by the youth from the community will transport you to a time when tales where told through song and dance.

tour 3

The Honeymoon suite at Shewula Mountain Camp (complete with an open air shower overlooking the valley)

And as you reflect on your time in the village, while taking a bush walk around the banks of the Mbuluzi River at the bottom of the Lubombo Mountains, remember to keep an eye out for the Ngwenya that might be basking in the sun.

tour 4

Here isn’t much connectivity for your mobile device, but there are more than enough in the form of authentic human interaction.